Shipping & Returns

We ship mainly with UPS, so shipping costs will be the same as current UPS prices. (Here you can see how prices are calculated: ) As prices are constantly changing, we can not give any specifics here. Upon request, we will gladly ship with other suppliers, such as DHL, TNT or FedEx. If you want this, please let us know by email. If you are a customer of a supplier, you can also tell us your customer number. In this case you take over the shipping costs at the prices of your supplier.

If you order products from Germany before 14.30 pm (Monday - Wednesday), they will be shipped by UPS Express on the same day and usually delivered the next day. With UPS standard, the goods usually arrive after 1-2 days.

Please note that we only deliver the ordered goods on Monday and Wednesday.

Please note that shipping costs are also charged for free samples.

For foreign countries applies: when paying by direct debit, we reserve the right for new customers to process the initial order against payment in advance. The goods will be sent only on Mondays.


GeneCraft® ships its products in plastic foam (polystyrene) boxes with wet ice packs. These packs are kept at -20°C for at least 72h prior to shipment and the polystyrene boxes are tightly sealed. Tests have shown that products shipped under these conditions will stay at or below 4°C for more than 36h. Testing at GeneCraft® has shown that there is no difference in activity and stability between enzymes that are shipped with ice packs and those shipped on dry ice.